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The first summer meeting of this year is at Tom Hemsworth house: 211 Victoria Street South in Woodstock.
This is not a pot-luck. Food is Vietnamese, supplied by Sunrise Binh Thanh restaurant.
We will get together by 6:30 as usual. The food will arrive at 7pm.
This is an informal, fun meeting with no speaker or official program unless our president comes up with a surprise.
Family, friends and guests are welcome.
When you arrive, please come around to the back yard.
Please RSVP at tom@springbankcheese.ca
This first meeting of this Rotary year our new president John likes to start with round table discussions for the different PODS to get our program filled until Christmas. Also the Board will meet at the end of the meeting. The plan is to get of to a good start.
Try to come out and let's organize this year well. Everybody's input is appreciated!
Please join us: Oxford Gardens, 6:15 Dinner & Program ($20).
This week our speaker is Joe Odumodu and he will give a presentation about Clinic 461 in downtown Woodstock. Joe is a Pharmacist and Rotarian here in Woodstock.
Clinic 461is for people with opiate addictions residing in the Woodstock region. There is a lot of opinions about this clinic and we will hear why this Clinic is in this location, how many people are served, why this needs to be done etc. It will be an eye opener. It's easy to make a statement but sometimes when we know more about a topic we will understand why it's good to take action.
This will be a very informative meeting and everybody is welcome to attend. Please RSVP to Rosalinda: rosalinda@rogers.com
Please join us: Oxford Gardens, 6:15 Dinner & Program ($20).
Please RSVP:  rosalinda@rogers.com


The Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group (WASRAG) was formed in 2007 by a group of Rotarians, recognized by Rotary International, and focused on WASH projects. Since then it has facilitated many hundreds of projects – helping clubs find partners, ensuring sustainability, stressing the importance of a needs-driven approach, and developing best practices. We encourage a holistic, integrated approach in which water is not the end in itself, but is rather the means to a better life and livelihood in the community. Most importantly, WASRAG links water and sanitation to improved hygiene, better health, and empowerment of the community – especially women, irrigation and agriculture, education and literacy and, ultimately, child mortality.
This week Aldo Villanovich will inform us about some successful WASH-projects. Everybody is welcome.
Please join us: Oxford Gardens, 6:15 Dinner & Program ($20).
Please RSVP: narcisian@yahoo.ca
This week Colleen Zehr will have her classification talk. This means she will tell something about herself as well as her career. Everybody is welcome to come out, especially if you know Colleen.
Please join us: Oxford Gardens, 6:15 Dinner & Program ($20).
Please RSVP: narcisian@yahoo.ca
Due to bad weather the Fish Fry is cancelled. If you like to be reimbursed for your ticket please contact the person you bought the ticket from. If you are willing to donate the ticket it will help to cover some of the costs.
Thank you and be safe!
This week our own Doug Vincent will share his knowledge about Rotary with us. A fireside chat is especially done for new members and their family but everybody that wants to know more about Rotary is welcome to come out to the meeting.
This will be a very informal evening where you can learn what Rotary is all about.
Please join us: Oxford Gardens, 6:15 Dinner & Program ($20).
Please RSVP: narcisian@yahoo.ca
Tickets now on sale Woodstock-Oxford Rotary Fish Fry
& Dance - Oxford Auditorium - Saturday, April 14, 2018
Doors open 6 pm, meal 7 pm - Non-stop music.
Please use Electronic credit card purchase below
Enter Table Reservation Name:
Please use drop down menu for quantity
and indicate your table reservation request
or the group you wish to be seated with.
Bring paypal receipt to exchange for your
meal & lucky draw tickets at the event.

April is "Maternal & Child Health" Month
This week, Wednesday, April 4th, we welcome local Dentist Dr Bob Lail, to speak on the importance of dental health and hygiene. He will share the importance of this topic, especially why children need good dental care.

Dr Bob grew up in London and studied dentistry at the University of Western Ontario where he has continued as a part time clinical instructor. He is a local dentist and has lived in Woodstock since 1999.


In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and ice hockey, and spending time with his beautiful wife Kristin and daughters Jasmira and Harleen.

Please join us: Oxford Gardens, 6:15 Dinner & Program ($20).
Please RSVP: DougV@DougVincent.com

This week, Playwright Bill Butt will share his experience researching and writing the "Kai the Barbarian" theatre production, scheduled to open next week at Embro Thistle Theatre.

Join us ..
Wednesday, March 14th - Oxford Gardens, 453 Devonshire Ave.
6:15 pm - 8pm - Dinner followed by program ($20). ...
Please rsvp to narcisian@yahoo.ca for meal count.

Bill is a native of Woodstock and has a wealth of experience in theatre, television and play writing, in addition to his missionary career. He and his wife Karen were overseas personnel for the United Church of Canada from January 1998 to June 2011.

First posted to Angola, they were forced to leave because of civil war and spent most of their overseas time working for the Christian Council of Mozambique. They have also worked for United Church partners in Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, and Japan.

In Mozambique Bill was communications consultant and worked in a video studio with young people producing songs, music videos, documentaries, and television dramas to educate Mozambicans about issues such as HIV/AIDS, poverty, crime, and domestic violence. Much of his time also was devoted to flood and drought relief and rural development.

Before leaving for Africa, Bill lived in Woodstock, taught at Western University and wrote 5 local-history plays which were produced in Oxford County, about the Benwell/Birchall murder, Joe Boyle, Aimee Semple MacPherson, Cassie Chadwick, and the Woodstock YM/YWCA. Karen and Bill raised their 2 daughters in Woodstock. Bill was a charter member of our Woodstock-Oxford Rotary Club.

With Gee Can, Doug Vincent, John Narcisian

Join us this week for our Valentine's Day Party. Nice dinner with Fun and Fellowship. Music, Games and Entertainment.
Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 6:15 - 8 pm Dinner ($20) 

All welcome. Oxford Gardens 423 Devonshire Ave, Woodstock
Please RSVP for meal count to:
John Narcisian narcisian@yahoo.ca (519) 532-0443

It's that time again...We are going bowling Wednesday night!

Come cheer us on - it's all for fun and in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Woodstock & District's annual Bowl For Kids Sake, Wednesday, February 7yh, 6ish pm - 9ish pm @ C & D Lanes.

Work & Play - gotta love Woodstock-Oxford Rotary! Join us. All members are encouraged to raise funds for this evening. If you would like to support our team please contact Edwin Van Weerdhuizen: edwinvw@gmail.com
Entertaining and informing.... Tim gives a brief history of electric cars and answers some of the most frequently asked electric car questions about ‘where to charge’, ‘how long it takes to charge’, ‘how far you can expect to go on a charge’ etc.  He also predicts that in the near future, cars that drive themselves will significantly reduce death and injury on our roadways and have other profound effects on society.
Tim Burrows is a retired Vice President of Forty Creek Distillery and a graduate of the University
of Toronto. He is an member of GHEVA (Golden Horseshoe Electric Vehicle Association), the
Southern Ontario Tesla Owners Club and the Electric Vehicle Society. Tim and his wife Lesley
have lived in Carlisle for the past 23 years.
Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 6:15 - 8 pm Dinner ($20) & Program

All welcome. Oxford Gardens 423 Devonshire Ave, Woodstock
Please RSVP for meal count to:
John Narcisian narcisian@yahoo.ca (519) 532-0443




This week we have a fun night. This means that after dinner we will do some games that are available at Oxford Gardens: mini golf, cards, shuffle board etc.
Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 6:15 - 8 pm Dinner ($20) & Program

All welcome. Oxford Gardens 423 Devonshire Ave, Woodstock
Please RSVP for meal count to:
John Narcisian narcisian@yahoo.ca (519) 532-0443



Betty Rowe is Program Coordinator at Fanshawe College and she will come to explain a new Business Course: Entrepreneurship and Management. Everybody is welcome to attend,.
Join us:
Wed, Jan 10, 2018 - 6:15 pm Dinner ($20) followed by program.
Oxford Gardens, 423 Devonshire Ave, Woodstock, ON
Please RSVP for meal count to:
John Narcisian narcisian@yahoo.ca (519) 532-0443

"Inside the World's Toughest Prison" - An exciting presentation on how Rotary manages the Belize Federal Prison complex,
under contract with their Federal Government.

An interesting report by Doug Vincent on his recent visit to this unique project in Belize. Learn how Rotary is making a difference, turning inmates around to a positive direction.


Join us:
Wed, Jan 10, 2018 - 6:15 pm Dinner ($20) followed by program.
Oxford Gardens, 423 Devonshire Ave, Woodstock, ON

Please RSVP for meal count to:
John Narcisian narcisian@yahoo.ca (519) 532-0443

PS - Also watch Netflix for January release of a documentary on this same topic. The 'businessmen' mentioned in the film are Rotarians.

This week there will be no meeting at Craigowan. Instead we will be serving chocolate milk for the Salvation army as people are waiting for the 2017 Holiday Train that comes through Woodstock. This is a great start of the Holiday season and a great family event.
Local food banks will be accepting donations at each stop to ensure those less fortunate can access adequate food this holiday season and year-round.

"The Holiday Train program is all about local food banks and food shelves and the critical role they play in our communities," said Keith Creel, CP's President and Chief Executive Officer. "People come for the beautifully-lit train and stay for the incredible show – all in the name of community.

The 2017 edition of the Holiday Train also concludes CP's Canada 150 celebrations and the Canadian train will feature the Spirit of Tomorrow car, which was part of the Canada 150 Train this past summer.

If you are interested in helping on November 29 please come out at 5.00 pm and ask for Naomi or Bonnie from the Salvation Army as they manage this event. We gather at Springbank Cheese at 201 Winniett Street in Woodstock. Please try to be recognizable as a Rotarian.

This weeks meeting our president Grace will show us this 2-DVD program that is designed to give local Rotary clubs insights and strategies for engaging the next generation of members. It is critical for clubs and Rotarians the world over to embrace the challenge of engaging the next generation of members. Everybody is welcome to come out and listen to this presentation.

The meeting starts at 6.15 pm at Graigowan Golf Club. Costs for a meal is $ 20.00

This week Tom Hemsworth will share with us his experiences while traveling through Africa. The Hemsworth family is very well known with this continent. Please feel welcome to come out and listen to  Tom's experiences.
Meetings starts at 6.30 pm at Graigowan Golf Club just North of Woodstock on Highway 59. Costs for meal is $ 20.00
This week there is a change in our meeting location. We will have dinner at 6.15 pm at Swiss Chalet. Reservations are made under Paul Turner. After dinner we go to Indwell in the former Harvey Woods building for the business part of our meeting.
We will have our Annual meeting, Board elections and General Assembly. Everybody is welcome to come out. Please RSVP to Grace (drgrace@execulink.com).
This Wednesday our meeting will be at Grace and Doug's at 744797 County Road#17 in Woodstock. Please RSVP drgrace@execulink.com . This will be a potluck, and everyone is encouraged to come in a costume. It will be a fun night where part of the program is a classification talk show style. We will  raffle members name to sit on the interview couch.
Please feel welcome to come out. Gathering starts at 6.30 pm.
This week we will welcome our District Governor Kathi Dick as a speaker. Our Rotary club is part of District 7080 and every year every Club in the district is visited by the District Governor (one year term). This is always a special evening. District Governor Kathi will update us on Rotary International and District news and share some ideas on best practices for club success. 
The meeting will start at 6.15 pm at Craigowan Golf Club on Highway 59 North of Woodstock. Cost for a meal is $ 20.00
Everybody is welcome to attend. Please RSVP to John Narcisian (narcisian@yahoo.ca).
This week our speaker is Dave Williams from the Mitchell Rotary Club.  Every year for the past five years the Rotary Club of Mitchell visits 800-1,000 Grade 5 students in Huron and Perth counties to inform them they are the future.
It may be difficult for these students to believe, but they are the most impressionable and can learn and understand an anti-drug message – that the use of methamphetamines (or meth) is dangerous.
Dave will explain all the details of this project of what they do and what they try to achieve.
This meeting is open to the public. Meeting will be at Craigowan  Country and Golf Club on Highway 59 just North of Woodstock. Meetings starts at 6.30 pm and costs for a meal is $ 20.00.
It designed to start a conversation that could lead to real change in how the Oxford County community deals with poverty and food insecurity.
A town hall meeting hosted by Operation Sharing on Tuesday, September 26 will feature keynote speaker Dr. Lynn McIntyre of the University of Calgary who will present key findings from her 30 years of research on how to reduce household food insecurity or inadequate access to food due to financial constraint.
Vanessa Giuliano, spokesperson for Operation Sharing, said the town hall meeting is designed to bring together not only experts in poverty reduction but also those accessing welfare assistance, low-income families, as well as their front line workers — to share their experiences.
“We welcome anyone with ideas about food insecurity and homelessness,” Giuliano said. “It’s a conversation to start the ball rolling — to talk about and put policies in place.”
The event will also feature poverty researcher Dr. Tracy Smith-Carrier from King’s University College, as well as Ken Brooks, a lawyer specializing in poverty law, Warden Paul Mayberry, Chris Cunningham of Southgate Centre and Oxford director human resources Paul Beaton.
The day after the town hall meeting a professional workshop with policy makers, including politicians and other representatives, is expected to lead to a declaration of intent.
Who: Oxford County Town Hall Meeting
Where: Unifor Hall, Woodstock Ontario
When: Tuesday September 26, 7 to 9:30 p.m.

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