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Due to our concern for Public Safety, it has been decided to CANCEL this event for 2020, thus eliminating any risk of the Coronavirus spread.

We are obviously disappointed in taking this decision but felt it was in the best interests of friends and residents in the community.


We has a great meeting and presentation by local best selling author, Elaine Cougler with an interesting topic of Behind the Scenes Terry Fox Run.

She has a new book recently published outlining how Thamesford resident Ron Calhoun colaborated with Terry Fox and the Canadian Cancer Society to coordinate this great initiative.  

Elaine Cougler is a local author who has a trilogy series of books on the Loyalists who in her 3rd novel brings in information researched of possible events within Oxford County. She will be speaking to us on her just completed latest book "The Man Behind the Terry Fox Legacy."

The Man Behind the Marathons: 
How Ron Calhoun Helped Terry Fox and Other Heroes Make Millions for Charity.

For many years our Club coordinated and sponsored the Terry Fox Run in Oxford, so the subject matter was of particular interest. Elaine is an interesting presenter and her presentation was very interesting.


The Rotary Medals is a great event, please plan to attend.

This event is where 2 students (1 male and 1 female) of each Highschool in Oxford County gets choosen for the award, please see the following criteria.


Selection of Rotary medallists


The selection of Rotary medallists is to be made by the school.

The pattern suggested has been for staff to nominate a number of suitable eligible candidates for the award, after which the students select from this nomination list one girl and one boy whom they deem most worthy of this honour.


Desirable Qualities:


The boy and girl selected as Rotary Medallists should be a person of excellent moral character. He/she should be one who has participated in one or more school activities, and who has made some worthy contribution to the life of the school. He/she should be a reasonably good student. In essence, the pupils selected should have those characteristics, abilities and interest which would make them both worthy representatives of the school and personify the motto of Rotary “Service above Self”.



The following qualities are among those deemed most desirable:


  1. Cheerful cooperation with authority

  2. The desire for success in studies, or play, which is founded on the highest justice or morality.

  3. Self respect.

  4. Consideration for the rights of others, and the exemplification of Rotary’s motto of “He Profits Most Who Serves Best”.

  5. Independence of character.

  6. Readiness to forgive offence.

  7. Evidence of a practical belief in the Golden Rule.

  8. Moral courage.

  9. Unflinching truthfulness.





Pupils in their graduating year are only eligible for these awards.


Date: Wednesday June 5th

Time:5:30pm cocktails, 6:00pm dinner

Location: Quality Suites Woodstock

Cost: $30  email Frances for reservations.by May 30 2019  frances@hoidge.ca

Tickets now on sale Woodstock-Oxford Rotary Fish Fry
& Dance - Oxford Auditorium - Saturday, April 13, 2019
Doors open 6 pm, meal 7 pm - Non-stop music.
Please use Electronic credit card purchase below
Enter Table Reservation Name:
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and indicate your table reservation request
or the group you wish to be seated with.
Bring paypal receipt to exchange for your
meal & lucky draw tickets at the event.
This week we will welcome our District Governor John Gilvesy as a speaker. Our Rotary club is part of District 7080 and every year every Club in the district is visited by the District Governor (one year term). This is always a special evening. And what is even more special John himself is a member of the Tillsonburg Rotary Club.
District Governor John will update us on Rotary International and District news and share some ideas on best practices for club success. 
Join us Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Oxford Gardens - 6:15 pm dinner ($20) followed by program.
Everybody is welcome to attend. Please RSVP to Rosalinda ( rosalindatay781@gmail.com)
International Award Winner shares her strategy for membership results.
* * Join us to learn how . . . Wednesday, October 17, 2018
* * Oxford Gardens - 6:15 pm dinner ($20) followed by program.

Membership is a concern for many organizations and we will have a great speaker from the Philippines. Come and learn how she recruited over 75 new members into her Kiwanis district this year.

Please share as appropriate and RSVP to dougv@dougvincent.com

It's time to get back to our regular routine following summer meetings and President John is encouraging a kick-off to our new Rotary year with lots of energy, fun and Rotary information. It is a great night to bring some prospective Rotary members, friends and colleagues.

Join us for fun, fellowship and learning this Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at Oxford Gardens. Rotary dinner 6:15 pm ($20) then program. Please RSVP to: dougv@dougvincent.com or 519-537-3753


Join us this week to learn more about Rotary's Youth Programs: 
especially Interact (up to 18 yrs) & Rotaract (up to 30 yrs).

Oxford Gardens, Woodstock - Wed. October 3, 2018.
6:15 pm Dinner ($20) followed by program.
Please RSVP to Linda: rosalindatay781@gmail.com

Join us for this exciting presentation on Making a Difference for Youth in Oxford. Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at Oxford Gardens. Rotary dinner 6:15 pm ($20) then program. Please RSVP to: dougv@dougvincent.com or 519-537-3753

Madi Langdon is a 17 yr old, grade 12 student at St. Mary’s High school in Woodstock, as well as an aspiring actress who can been seen in the upcoming season of the hit tv series The Next Step!

Madi’s other passion is Making a Difference in the world, which she will speak about at our upcoming meeting. She has represented her school at youth leadership conferences and most recently was selected to attend the Me to We advanced leadership training in Tucson, Arizona.

She will share how this experience left her inspired and determined to make a change in the world. Madi looks forward to sharing her thoughts and experience with Woodstock-Oxford Rotary and guests, with the possibility of working with Rotary members and Oxford County Youth to make changes right here at home.

The youth in Oxford need our support so please join us to help extend a caring hand for their future.

Wondering what the Toy Auction and Show is about?.

Come out on August 25 and 26 and see for yourself, the auction part is a charity auction, where people like you, can consign scale farm, truck and construction toys to the auction.

The auction which often features many hard-to-find items. It starts Saturday morning at 9:30 am and is open to everyone. There is no admission fee other
than a small buyer’s premium for purchasers. But buyers actually get a bargain since there is no sales tax charged. That is because it is a charity event sponsored
by the Rotary Club of Woodstock-Oxford. The Rotary Club uses the commission and buyer's premium for their humanitarian projects.

If you happen to have any farm toys or memorabilia that you’re thinking of parting with, this is a great place to do it.

Just contact Peter Stam at 519-532-2181 or peter@mankar.ca to consign your items.

For more information, click on MORE...

This week's meeting is hosted by Rotarians Doug and Grace Vincent. It will be a potluck and Doug and Grace will provide fresh corn on the cob.
Please RSVP what you will bring to avoid duplication.
744797 County Road#17 in Woodstock.  Please RSVP to: drgrace@execulink.com
Meeting will start at 6.30 pm
This week's meeting is hosted by Rotarians Steve and Colleen Zehr. It will be a potluck for salads and desserts and Steve and Colleen will be providing the meat which is the main course.
Please RSVP what you will bring to avoid duplication.
22 Commissioner St. in Embro.  Please RSVP to: sczehr@execulink.com
Meeting will start at 6.30 pm

This week, Wednesday, August 8th, we will listen to our members who attended the International Rotary Convention in Toronto this year. They will share pictures and their highlights of the Convention. So if you could not attend it will be interesting as well as when you are guest it will be great to be inspired by listening to these stories. 

Please join us: Oxford Gardens, 6:30 Dinner & Program ($20).
Please RSVP: rosalindatay781@gmail.com

Our Summer Meeting Series continues...

This week our meeting is at the picturesque home farm of Rotarian Peter Stam and his wife Edie.

There are many family friendly activities to enjoy, including swimming in the fresh pond, fishing or coasting calmly on a pedal boat.  

There will be a BBQ and salads  for $ 10.00

Please RSVP to peter@mankar.ca

The meeting starts at 6.30 pm

Adress 656441 15th line in East Zorra Tavistock


The first summer meeting of this year is at Tom Hemsworth house: 211 Victoria Street South in Woodstock.
This is not a pot-luck. Food is Vietnamese, supplied by Sunrise Binh Thanh restaurant.
We will get together by 6:30 as usual. The food will arrive at 7pm.
This is an informal, fun meeting with no speaker or official program unless our president comes up with a surprise.
Family, friends and guests are welcome.
When you arrive, please come around to the back yard.
Please RSVP at tom@springbankcheese.ca
This week our speaker is Joe Odumodu and he will give a presentation about Clinic 461 in downtown Woodstock. Joe is a Pharmacist and Rotarian here in Woodstock.
Clinic 461is for people with opiate addictions residing in the Woodstock region. There is a lot of opinions about this clinic and we will hear why this Clinic is in this location, how many people are served, why this needs to be done etc. It will be an eye opener. It's easy to make a statement but sometimes when we know more about a topic we will understand why it's good to take action.
This will be a very informative meeting and everybody is welcome to attend. Please RSVP to Rosalinda: rosalinda@rogers.com
Please join us: Oxford Gardens, 6:15 Dinner & Program ($20).
Please RSVP:  rosalinda@rogers.com


The Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group (WASRAG) was formed in 2007 by a group of Rotarians, recognized by Rotary International, and focused on WASH projects. Since then it has facilitated many hundreds of projects – helping clubs find partners, ensuring sustainability, stressing the importance of a needs-driven approach, and developing best practices. We encourage a holistic, integrated approach in which water is not the end in itself, but is rather the means to a better life and livelihood in the community. Most importantly, WASRAG links water and sanitation to improved hygiene, better health, and empowerment of the community – especially women, irrigation and agriculture, education and literacy and, ultimately, child mortality.
This week Aldo Villanovich will inform us about some successful WASH-projects. Everybody is welcome.
Please join us: Oxford Gardens, 6:15 Dinner & Program ($20).
Please RSVP: narcisian@yahoo.ca
This week Colleen Zehr will have her classification talk. This means she will tell something about herself as well as her career. Everybody is welcome to come out, especially if you know Colleen.
Please join us: Oxford Gardens, 6:15 Dinner & Program ($20).
Please RSVP: narcisian@yahoo.ca
Due to bad weather the Fish Fry is cancelled. If you like to be reimbursed for your ticket please contact the person you bought the ticket from. If you are willing to donate the ticket it will help to cover some of the costs.
Thank you and be safe!
This week our own Doug Vincent will share his knowledge about Rotary with us. A fireside chat is especially done for new members and their family but everybody that wants to know more about Rotary is welcome to come out to the meeting.
This will be a very informal evening where you can learn what Rotary is all about.
Please join us: Oxford Gardens, 6:15 Dinner & Program ($20).
Please RSVP: narcisian@yahoo.ca

April is "Maternal & Child Health" Month
This week, Wednesday, April 4th, we welcome local Dentist Dr Bob Lail, to speak on the importance of dental health and hygiene. He will share the importance of this topic, especially why children need good dental care.

Dr Bob grew up in London and studied dentistry at the University of Western Ontario where he has continued as a part time clinical instructor. He is a local dentist and has lived in Woodstock since 1999.


In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and ice hockey, and spending time with his beautiful wife Kristin and daughters Jasmira and Harleen.

Please join us: Oxford Gardens, 6:15 Dinner & Program ($20).
Please RSVP: DougV@DougVincent.com

This week, Playwright Bill Butt will share his experience researching and writing the "Kai the Barbarian" theatre production, scheduled to open next week at Embro Thistle Theatre.

Join us ..
Wednesday, March 14th - Oxford Gardens, 453 Devonshire Ave.
6:15 pm - 8pm - Dinner followed by program ($20). ...
Please rsvp to narcisian@yahoo.ca for meal count.

Bill is a native of Woodstock and has a wealth of experience in theatre, television and play writing, in addition to his missionary career. He and his wife Karen were overseas personnel for the United Church of Canada from January 1998 to June 2011.

First posted to Angola, they were forced to leave because of civil war and spent most of their overseas time working for the Christian Council of Mozambique. They have also worked for United Church partners in Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, and Japan.

In Mozambique Bill was communications consultant and worked in a video studio with young people producing songs, music videos, documentaries, and television dramas to educate Mozambicans about issues such as HIV/AIDS, poverty, crime, and domestic violence. Much of his time also was devoted to flood and drought relief and rural development.

Before leaving for Africa, Bill lived in Woodstock, taught at Western University and wrote 5 local-history plays which were produced in Oxford County, about the Benwell/Birchall murder, Joe Boyle, Aimee Semple MacPherson, Cassie Chadwick, and the Woodstock YM/YWCA. Karen and Bill raised their 2 daughters in Woodstock. Bill was a charter member of our Woodstock-Oxford Rotary Club.

With Gee Can, Doug Vincent, John Narcisian

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