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Hello Friends and Members of Rotary,
Some of you are no doubt already aware of the cheese fundraising campaign in which the Woodstock-Oxford Rotary Club members are currently engaged, which has been a fall project for a number of years. For those of you not previously in the know, I have attached a copy of the front and back sides of the order form, along with a description of the contents of each of the gifts.


Rotary's Polio Plus program will once again benefit from the profits raised. What is really exciting is that, with the help of the Gates Foundation and their 2-1 matching program, the purchase of a piece of cheese for $12 will result in a $12.60 contribution toward the eradication of polio world wide. As most of you know, that extremely worthy goal is very close to attainment.

To date this year there are only 5 cases of the wild polio virus and we can not stop the eradication program until the virus is gone completely.

Please help us buy vaccine for people that can not afford it by buying your cheese or cheese basket as Christmas gift for your family, friends, employees etc. from us and 35% of the money goes towards the Polio Eradication and as you have read above, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will the give us $2.00 for every dollar we raise through this cheese fundraiser.

The price of a block of cheese is $12.00  The Cheese Baskets are priced on the picture page.

There is no tax on these orders as this is a charity.

If you feel you want to support this cause and at the same time enjoy some good cheese, you can order from us by reply to this email.

You can also donate directly to the Polio Eradication fund and there again it will be matched 2 to 1 by the Gates Foundation and receive a tax receipt from us.

We like to put our order in November 27, 2021  

Please contact us if you have questions.

Thank you,

Peter Stam



Rotary of Woodstock-Oxford has been working to see how it can help alleviate Homelessness in Woodstock for some time now.
A group of Rotary members have been helping out at the Community Free Table for about a year and a half now.
Through helping out with the table we were exposed to the hardship that some members of our society have to go through in life.
Homelessness is one of the things you will hardly see until you start working at the Community Free Table and start talking to the people being served by the table.
Here we see people coming to the table that have no shelter with heat and safety, we see people with frozen hands, were there fingers are pure white and swollen that it is scary to see, were their skin is starting to peal off their fingers because of the frost.
Most persons in daily life never see these things.
And they are not the only people that show up, also people that have an apartment but don't have enough money left for food.
Some people come to have someone to talk to.
It is for this reason the Rotary of Woodstock-Oxford has started a process to see how we can help the shelterless people and others. It all started because one member( Adrienne Augustine) of the Rotary of Woodstock-Oxford, her vision is to align with our community to help form a PathWay Into Prosperity. Through consultation we found Woodstock Tiny Homes Community to be the most urgently needed stepping stone to help people transcend out of homelessness.
Today was a beautiful sunny day with as many as 50 or more person coming out to take advantage of the Community Free Table.
Thanks to the volunteers and persons that donated food, there were hotdogs, Kentucky Fried Chicken, salads, yogurt, coffee, store supplied cookies and cake, and vegetables like potatoes, lettuce, peppers, carrots, apples, pears, tomatoes and other items for people to take home free of charge.
Every person that is in need of food is welcome to come and get some for free.
Since there are many persons that have landed on hard times, these donations are very much appreciated.
If you would like to participate in volunteering or want to donate money or other items, please contact us.

Yesterday our first shipment of urgently needed medical supplies was taken to the logistics warehouse in Mississauga to pack and shrink-wrap boxes on skids for air transport to Beirut.

It has been a challenge to ensure the documents and consignee details are accurate and done in such a way as to ensure items get to their proper destination, but thanks to the tenacity and many phone calls by Dr Brad Petrisor, the shipment is now ready to go.

Thanks to Ronald Farra, PP Beirut ...

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See more on Facebook, Rotary Helps Lebanon, to help out financially, go to donate on this website.
If you want to be a volunteer, please contact us.

Please help Rotary support needs in our local community.
Click here to donate: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/12109

Here is your opportunity to join with Woodstock-Oxford Rotary to help provide necessary assistance to families, children and the homeless. Since our Fish Fry fundraiser was cancelled, we need your consideration.

All funds received are being matched by W-O Rotary for local community needs.* To donate online click on this link
https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/12109 or you can go to WoodstockOxfordRotary.org and follow the links to Donate.
CRA tax receipts will be issued via email.

Woodstock Rotarians need your help. In the past we have supported youth projects, such as scholarships and YMCA activities. During the past few months we have supplied a BBQ and food, each Saturday to the Community Free Table and items to the Circle of Friends table.

More recently, we have donated a total of $8000. locally for food vouchers, groceries and toiletries, going to those in need during these challenging times. ($4000 donations + $4000 Rotary match).

Please support your neighbour at: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/12109 with an online, tax deductible donation. Proceeds will be used toward funding Rotary Community projects. (*up to $8000.)

Please help us . . ."Fundraise For Food Vouchers"
Rotary to Match Community Donations for Food Vouchers in Oxford*

Woodstock Rotarians have committed to help with Covid-19 challenges and are asking the community to join them. For each dollar donated, Rotary will match the amount, with proceeds going to purchase groceries and food vouchers, for families who require support at this time. You can donate online here: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/12109

“At first, we looked at having a central food donation area with grocery distribution available to those who needed assistance,” said Steve Zehr, Woodstock-Oxford Rotary President. “But as we investigated things, it seemed that this would not be wise with the isolation issues we are all facing.”

“After discussions with local service agencies, it seemed more logical to work with groups already established to help people,” he continued. “So, we are happy the United Way Oxford is helping us, since they are working with community partners to identify pressing and immediate community needs.”

Woodstock-Oxford Rotary has already distributed 50 bags of groceries door-to-door, to families with school-age children, needing support. Rotary has also donated two shipments of gloves to our local Woodstock Hospital. Likewise, the Woodstock Club has supported the Salvation Army and Food Bank programs.

If you want to help your neighbour, you can donate online and receive a CRA Tax Receipt at:
or: www.WoodstockOxfordRotary.org 
(Select the Donate links to contribute and Make a Difference).
*The Rotary match will be up to $8000.

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We has a great meeting and presentation by local best selling author, Elaine Cougler with an interesting topic of Behind the Scenes Terry Fox Run.

She has a new book recently published outlining how Thamesford resident Ron Calhoun colaborated with Terry Fox and the Canadian Cancer Society to coordinate this great initiative.  

Elaine Cougler is a local author who has a trilogy series of books on the Loyalists who in her 3rd novel brings in information researched of possible events within Oxford County. She will be speaking to us on her just completed latest book "The Man Behind the Terry Fox Legacy."

The Man Behind the Marathons: 
How Ron Calhoun Helped Terry Fox and Other Heroes Make Millions for Charity.

For many years our Club coordinated and sponsored the Terry Fox Run in Oxford, so the subject matter was of particular interest. Elaine is an interesting presenter and her presentation was very interesting.


International Award Winner shares her strategy for membership results.
* * Join us to learn how . . . Wednesday, October 17, 2018
* * Oxford Gardens - 6:15 pm dinner ($20) followed by program.

Membership is a concern for many organizations and we will have a great speaker from the Philippines. Come and learn how she recruited over 75 new members into her Kiwanis district this year.

Please share as appropriate and RSVP to dougv@dougvincent.com

Join us this week to learn more about Rotary's Youth Programs: 
especially Interact (up to 18 yrs) & Rotaract (up to 30 yrs).

Oxford Gardens, Woodstock - Wed. October 3, 2018.
6:15 pm Dinner ($20) followed by program.
Please RSVP to Linda: rosalindatay781@gmail.com

Join us for this exciting presentation on Making a Difference for Youth in Oxford. Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at Oxford Gardens. Rotary dinner 6:15 pm ($20) then program. Please RSVP to: dougv@dougvincent.com or 519-537-3753

Madi Langdon is a 17 yr old, grade 12 student at St. Mary’s High school in Woodstock, as well as an aspiring actress who can been seen in the upcoming season of the hit tv series The Next Step!

Madi’s other passion is Making a Difference in the world, which she will speak about at our upcoming meeting. She has represented her school at youth leadership conferences and most recently was selected to attend the Me to We advanced leadership training in Tucson, Arizona.

She will share how this experience left her inspired and determined to make a change in the world. Madi looks forward to sharing her thoughts and experience with Woodstock-Oxford Rotary and guests, with the possibility of working with Rotary members and Oxford County Youth to make changes right here at home.

The youth in Oxford need our support so please join us to help extend a caring hand for their future.

This week, Wednesday, August 8th, we will listen to our members who attended the International Rotary Convention in Toronto this year. They will share pictures and their highlights of the Convention. So if you could not attend it will be interesting as well as when you are guest it will be great to be inspired by listening to these stories. 

Please join us: Oxford Gardens, 6:30 Dinner & Program ($20).
Please RSVP: rosalindatay781@gmail.com

This week our own Doug Vincent will share his knowledge about Rotary with us. A fireside chat is especially done for new members and their family but everybody that wants to know more about Rotary is welcome to come out to the meeting.
This will be a very informal evening where you can learn what Rotary is all about.
Please join us: Oxford Gardens, 6:15 Dinner & Program ($20).
Please RSVP: narcisian@yahoo.ca

This week, Playwright Bill Butt will share his experience researching and writing the "Kai the Barbarian" theatre production, scheduled to open next week at Embro Thistle Theatre.

Join us ..
Wednesday, March 14th - Oxford Gardens, 453 Devonshire Ave.
6:15 pm - 8pm - Dinner followed by program ($20). ...
Please rsvp to narcisian@yahoo.ca for meal count.

Bill is a native of Woodstock and has a wealth of experience in theatre, television and play writing, in addition to his missionary career. He and his wife Karen were overseas personnel for the United Church of Canada from January 1998 to June 2011.

First posted to Angola, they were forced to leave because of civil war and spent most of their overseas time working for the Christian Council of Mozambique. They have also worked for United Church partners in Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, and Japan.

In Mozambique Bill was communications consultant and worked in a video studio with young people producing songs, music videos, documentaries, and television dramas to educate Mozambicans about issues such as HIV/AIDS, poverty, crime, and domestic violence. Much of his time also was devoted to flood and drought relief and rural development.

Before leaving for Africa, Bill lived in Woodstock, taught at Western University and wrote 5 local-history plays which were produced in Oxford County, about the Benwell/Birchall murder, Joe Boyle, Aimee Semple MacPherson, Cassie Chadwick, and the Woodstock YM/YWCA. Karen and Bill raised their 2 daughters in Woodstock. Bill was a charter member of our Woodstock-Oxford Rotary Club.

With Gee Can, Doug Vincent, John Narcisian

Join us this week for our Valentine's Day Party. Nice dinner with Fun and Fellowship. Music, Games and Entertainment.
Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 6:15 - 8 pm Dinner ($20) 

All welcome. Oxford Gardens 423 Devonshire Ave, Woodstock
Please RSVP for meal count to:
John Narcisian narcisian@yahoo.ca (519) 532-0443

It's that time again...We are going bowling Wednesday night!

Come cheer us on - it's all for fun and in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Woodstock & District's annual Bowl For Kids Sake, Wednesday, February 7yh, 6ish pm - 9ish pm @ C & D Lanes.

Work & Play - gotta love Woodstock-Oxford Rotary! Join us. All members are encouraged to raise funds for this evening. If you would like to support our team please contact Edwin Van Weerdhuizen: edwinvw@gmail.com
Entertaining and informing.... Tim gives a brief history of electric cars and answers some of the most frequently asked electric car questions about ‘where to charge’, ‘how long it takes to charge’, ‘how far you can expect to go on a charge’ etc.  He also predicts that in the near future, cars that drive themselves will significantly reduce death and injury on our roadways and have other profound effects on society.
Tim Burrows is a retired Vice President of Forty Creek Distillery and a graduate of the University
of Toronto. He is an member of GHEVA (Golden Horseshoe Electric Vehicle Association), the
Southern Ontario Tesla Owners Club and the Electric Vehicle Society. Tim and his wife Lesley
have lived in Carlisle for the past 23 years.
Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 6:15 - 8 pm Dinner ($20) & Program

All welcome. Oxford Gardens 423 Devonshire Ave, Woodstock
Please RSVP for meal count to:
John Narcisian narcisian@yahoo.ca (519) 532-0443




This week we have a fun night. This means that after dinner we will do some games that are available at Oxford Gardens: mini golf, cards, shuffle board etc.
Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 6:15 - 8 pm Dinner ($20) & Program

All welcome. Oxford Gardens 423 Devonshire Ave, Woodstock
Please RSVP for meal count to:
John Narcisian narcisian@yahoo.ca (519) 532-0443



Betty Rowe is Program Coordinator at Fanshawe College and she will come to explain a new Business Course: Entrepreneurship and Management. Everybody is welcome to attend,.
Join us:
Wed, Jan 10, 2018 - 6:15 pm Dinner ($20) followed by program.
Oxford Gardens, 423 Devonshire Ave, Woodstock, ON
Please RSVP for meal count to:
John Narcisian narcisian@yahoo.ca (519) 532-0443

"Inside the World's Toughest Prison" - An exciting presentation on how Rotary manages the Belize Federal Prison complex,
under contract with their Federal Government.

An interesting report by Doug Vincent on his recent visit to this unique project in Belize. Learn how Rotary is making a difference, turning inmates around to a positive direction.


Join us:
Wed, Jan 10, 2018 - 6:15 pm Dinner ($20) followed by program.
Oxford Gardens, 423 Devonshire Ave, Woodstock, ON

Please RSVP for meal count to:
John Narcisian narcisian@yahoo.ca (519) 532-0443

PS - Also watch Netflix for January release of a documentary on this same topic. The 'businessmen' mentioned in the film are Rotarians.

This week there will be no meeting at Craigowan. Instead we will be serving chocolate milk for the Salvation army as people are waiting for the 2017 Holiday Train that comes through Woodstock. This is a great start of the Holiday season and a great family event.
Local food banks will be accepting donations at each stop to ensure those less fortunate can access adequate food this holiday season and year-round.

"The Holiday Train program is all about local food banks and food shelves and the critical role they play in our communities," said Keith Creel, CP's President and Chief Executive Officer. "People come for the beautifully-lit train and stay for the incredible show – all in the name of community.

The 2017 edition of the Holiday Train also concludes CP's Canada 150 celebrations and the Canadian train will feature the Spirit of Tomorrow car, which was part of the Canada 150 Train this past summer.

If you are interested in helping on November 29 please come out at 5.00 pm and ask for Naomi or Bonnie from the Salvation Army as they manage this event. We gather at Springbank Cheese at 201 Winniett Street in Woodstock. Please try to be recognizable as a Rotarian.

This weeks meeting our president Grace will show us this 2-DVD program that is designed to give local Rotary clubs insights and strategies for engaging the next generation of members. It is critical for clubs and Rotarians the world over to embrace the challenge of engaging the next generation of members. Everybody is welcome to come out and listen to this presentation.

The meeting starts at 6.15 pm at Graigowan Golf Club. Costs for a meal is $ 20.00

This week Tom Hemsworth will share with us his experiences while traveling through Africa. The Hemsworth family is very well known with this continent. Please feel welcome to come out and listen to  Tom's experiences.
Meetings starts at 6.30 pm at Graigowan Golf Club just North of Woodstock on Highway 59. Costs for meal is $ 20.00
This week there is a change in our meeting location. We will have dinner at 6.15 pm at Swiss Chalet. Reservations are made under Paul Turner. After dinner we go to Indwell in the former Harvey Woods building for the business part of our meeting.
We will have our Annual meeting, Board elections and General Assembly. Everybody is welcome to come out. Please RSVP to Grace (drgrace@execulink.com).

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