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What members get out of Rotary of Woodstock-Oxford depends largely on what they put into it.  Many membership requirements are designed to help members more fully participate in and enjoy their Rotary experience.


As a fellowship and service organization, Rotarians count on one another to contribute their time to weekly meetings, committee work, and service events.  As a Rotarian, frequent attendance is a must.  

Our members share a key mission: to serve our community and those in need throughout the world.  
To be a Rotarian, you must give of your time and talents: in community work, in social functions, in Club and District Activities. Each Rotarian is expected to serve on at least one committee.  Rotary of Woodstock-Oxford is involved in a large number of service projects and programs that give our members many opportunities to get involved.


Financial Commitments
Rotary of Woodstock-Oxford members can expect the following financial obligations:


  • Annual Dues: $255
  • Weekly Meals: $15 
  • Social Events: varies