Nov 06, 2019 6:15 PM
Ian Adamson
Royal Canadian Legion, Remembrance Day
Ian Adamson will be speaking at our Rotary Club meeting Nov.6 @6.15 pm at Oxford Gardens in Woodstock, On.
My name is Ian Adamson I'm 56 yrs old.
 Married to my wife Deb for 34 yrs this November . Together we have 2 children Lyndsy and Robert, and proud Grandparents of 3 (2 ) when I wrote this, grandsons. 
 I was 10 yrs old when we moved from England ( Sunderland ) on the north east coast. Settling in Stoney creek where my dad open up a small manufacturing company.  
 We eventually moved to Ingersoll where I attended IDCI high school.  
I graduated in 1982 and started workin at my current job. In 1983. .. S.A.F. HOLLAND. Formerly  Holland Hitch. 36 yrs and counting now. 
 Hobbies include. Fishing and driving my Camaro.  
Like war time history and Documentries on nature  . 
For the last two yrs I have been president of the Royal canadian  legion here in Woodstock..
This is a challenging position to say the least but I have a good executive behind me., which is a big help.