This coming Saturday we will be loading the last container coming out of the closed Norwich public school on 9 Elgin street in Norwich.

We hope to start at 8.30 AM., stop for lunch and work at it until the loading is finished. If we have enough people, we should be done around 3 PM.

When you are coming to help, (We still hope that more people will sign up)please confirm with me that you are coming so we can keep organized and have enough food there.

We ask that if possible, to bring some tools like screw driver, battery power drill, vicegrip and some wrenches to dismantle some tables etc. You may want to bring a camera if you like to take some pictures.

As you may know, this container will be shipped to South Africa, as a group, we have shipped over 30 container loads to Haiti and South Africa where the supplies are being distributed among about 600 schools in Mpumalanga where many schools have hardly any tables, desks, chairs and books, in this container we also hope to ship 26 pallets of school books donated by the Thames Valley Board of Education because the books are surplus.

Check the blog from July this year and October last year to read a little of where the supplies are going.

Hope to see you on Saturday.


Peter Stam