Oxford County Rotary Clubs, including our own club, deliver dictionaries to Grade 3 students throughout Oxford County. 

We love this program as it encourages and promotes literacy in our local schools.  Each student receives a dictionary that they may keep for them self.

Frances and I visited a French immersion school in Woodstock yesterday and handed out about 30 dictionaries to a group of happy and engaging students.  We were able to take a picture of some of the happy students (this is their goofy pose).  The students shared with us their stores of how they help others, and we shared with them what we all have in common.  We played a fun guessing game of how many Rotarians there are in the world.  Do you know the answer?  About 1.2 million!  One young girl in particular had a wonderful reaction when the class was told by their teacher that we were bringing a 'cadeau' that they could keep. 

This is just one of the wonderful ways you can be involved with Rotary and positively affect a young child's life in Oxford County!