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The Rotary Medals is a great event, please plan to attend.

This event is where 2 students (1 male and 1 female) of each Highschool in Oxford County gets choosen for the award, please see the following criteria.


Selection of Rotary medallists


The selection of Rotary medallists is to be made by the school.

The pattern suggested has been for staff to nominate a number of suitable eligible candidates for the award, after which the students select from this nomination list one girl and one boy whom they deem most worthy of this honour.


Desirable Qualities:


The boy and girl selected as Rotary Medallists should be a person of excellent moral character. He/she should be one who has participated in one or more school activities, and who has made some worthy contribution to the life of the school. He/she should be a reasonably good student. In essence, the pupils selected should have those characteristics, abilities and interest which would make them both worthy representatives of the school and personify the motto of Rotary “Service above Self”.



The following qualities are among those deemed most desirable:


  1. Cheerful cooperation with authority

  2. The desire for success in studies, or play, which is founded on the highest justice or morality.

  3. Self respect.

  4. Consideration for the rights of others, and the exemplification of Rotary’s motto of “He Profits Most Who Serves Best”.

  5. Independence of character.

  6. Readiness to forgive offence.

  7. Evidence of a practical belief in the Golden Rule.

  8. Moral courage.

  9. Unflinching truthfulness.





Pupils in their graduating year are only eligible for these awards.


Date: Wednesday June 5th

Time:5:30pm cocktails, 6:00pm dinner

Location: Quality Suites Woodstock

Cost: $30  email Frances for May 30 2019