Woodstock-Oxford Rotary - Nepal Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund

You may have read or seen the news about the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Many people have perished or are missing. Homes are totally destroyed or too dangerous to be inside of them. Late today, we had some shocking photos shared by a friend on facebook.

The need of receiving assistance will be very high and we assume people will be asking “What is Rotary doing” to help. We have contacted Rotary friends who live in the affected district. We anticipate they will give us a firsthand report on what local Rotarians are doing to help and what the priority needs are. Let’s not just assume we know what they need and start arranging to ship items until we know their priority needs.

In the meantime, Woodstock-Oxford Rotary has set up a “Nepal Disaster Relief Fund” where people can donate online and receive a Canada tax receipt.

Anyone can go to www.woodstockoxfordrotary.org and at the top click ‘Donations’ then ‘Donate to our Charity’.
That links to an donation page where you can ‘Select your preferred fund,’
from a drop down menu. ie: Earthquake in Nepal
Then fill in the amount and credit card details.
You will receive an emailed receipt within minutes.
Send a cheque to Woodstock-Oxford Rotary Benefit Trust
c/o Peter Stam, Treasurer 656441 15th Line, R7 Woodstock, ON N4S 7W2
Please include an email address if possible for your tax receipt to be sent.
If no email it can be sent regular mail.

We expect to work with known Rotary contacts and friends in the affected area, to ensure we are satisfying their priority needs and to oversee delivery of relief items with proper stewardship of our donated funds.

Donations through our Benefit Trust do qualify for the Government match. This will be for all donation done between April 25 and May 25.

There is also consideration being given to a Rotary Foundation matching grant to help rehabilitation efforts. In this way we can leverage our donations 4 to 1 for maximum effect.